Nex is an award winning motion entertainment company that is helping humanity reconnect with the joy of movement.

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Content that gets everyone moving.

Motion entertainment is built around the idea that digital content doesn’t need to be consumed sitting down. It can be both interactive and physically engaging. We’ve created hundreds of motion experiences that help people get moving.

Nex develops breakthrough motion content with partners like Hasbro, Nike, the NBA and more.

Tools that transform the way we play.

Introducing the Nex MDK. It’s a revolutionary new motion toolkit that enables the creation of immersive, interactive, console-level motion entertainment experiences. It's integrated directly with Unity and available across a wide variety of devices—from mobile, to PCs, to TVs.

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AI-powered computer vision
Integrated with the Unity game engine
Built for high speed sports and movement
Fast and efficient to support more devices
Powerful multi-player detection system

Nex has developed the first motion toolkit for Unity, a major breakthrough in enabling rapid motion entertainment development for content creators.

The motion console that’s everywhere.

Nex enables motion experiences on billions of consumer devices. We support everything from iOS, to Android, to Mac and Windows, and have optimized our platform to run on just about any camera enabled device.

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Coming to a TV near you.

Nex is powering Interactive entertainment for the next generation of TV experiences. We’ve developed a hardware reference program and we’re partnering with OEMs and operators to bring motion experiences to TVs and set-top boxes everywhere.

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Let’s get moving together.

Interested in building or enabling motion entertainment experiences? We collaborate closely with operators, TV manufacturers, brands and IP holders to bring motion entertainment to life.

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