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The Nex Motion Development Kit or "MDK" is the first neural network architecture and toolkit that's integrated with Unity and tailored for building motion-powered sports, fitness, and gaming experiences.

Benefits of the Nex MDK

The Nex Motion Development Kit enables development of immersive, console-level motion experiences across devices—from mobile, to PCs, to TVs. It's also the engine that we use internally to build our award-winning motion games and apps.

AI-powered computer vision
Integrated with the Unity game engine
Built for high speed sports and movement
Fast and efficient to support more devices
Powerful multi-player detection system

What is computer vision?

With the selfie camera of a smartphone, tablet, PC or Smart TV, computer vision can analyze human body movements in real-time to gamify consumer experiences and provide rich data input for new applications.

Ready for action.

Our high performance use cases go way beyond basic human “pose estimation”. We’ve tuned the Nex MDK for speed, complex movements, and a wide range of body motions that other engines just weren't trained to handle.

  • Super accurate pose detection
  • Trained for high intensity activities like sports, fitness and motion gaming
  • Fast detection FPS performance
  • Supports a wide range of body movements and gestures

Features of the Nex MDK

Indoors or Out

Hand-crafted logic to reduce noisy backgrounds that are common in both indoor or outdoor settings.

Active Player Detection

So friends and families can spectate without breaking the action of the primary player.

Concurrent Multiplayer

Real-time multiplayer tracking up to 4 players within one scene. Detect each user individually and segment performance.

Object Detection

Special logic for detecting physical objects and equipment. For example the Nex MDK has patented tracking on a wide variety of basketball and soccer ball motions.

Pattern Matching

Automatically tracks fitness movements like pushups, lunges, squats, and sit-ups. Mix and match movements in a single session. The Nex MDK also supports pose comparison for instructor-led experiences like dance, coaching or physical therapy.

Calorie Counting

The Nex MDK has a proprietary method for estimating calorie burn through computer vision alone.

Motion Event System

The Nex MDK contains a rich set of human motion event recognizers based on domain-specific training data. These motion event recognizers are critical for capturing specific movements used in full-motion games and experiences.

Developed for a full range of motion.
The Nex MDK enables a broad spectrum of motion-based content experiences. Get inspired and imagine what's possible.
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