Endless possibilities
in motion.

Nex believes that motion entertainment is a broad new category that can make content more engaging, while also make moving fun again for everyone. From music, to sports, to interactive storytelling—the possibilities are endless.

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Stories you're the star of.

Stories were meant not just to be told, but to be experienced. We realize this the first time we step into a theme park as children, or when a magician asks for a volunteer in the crowd. Now these moments can happen at home, with the magic of motion interaction.

  • Move fluidly between linear and interactive moments
  • Interact with characters on screen virtually
  • Participate in the outcome of the story
  • Reimagine existing content
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Build motion experiences
with the Nex MDK.

The Nex MDK enables developers to create immersive, interactive, console-level motion entertainment experiences available across devices—from mobile, to PCs, to TVs.

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Mother and Son together
Let’s get moving together.

Interested in building or enabling motion entertainment experiences? We collaborate closely with operators, TV manufacturers, brands and IP holders to bring motion entertainment to life.

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