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that's already everywhere.

Nex enables motion experiences on billions of consumer devices—supporting platforms from iOS to Android, Mac to Windows. We work with OEMs to make the next generation of camera-enabled devices run motion experiences even better.

We play great with the latest and greatest.

While our motion games and apps work on a wide variety of devices, the best experience is on the latest consumer hardware. Our AI and machine learning takes advantage of modern, high performance NPUs and GPUs. The faster the device, the more fluid the experience can be for users.

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Coming to a TV near you.

Nex is working with leading OEMs and operators to develop the next generation of motion entertainment experiences for the living room. 

Ecosystem Partners

Motion Entertainment Reference Design

To deliver the best experience in the living room, we’ve created a hardware reference design that OEMs, providers and operators can adopt for motion-enabled TVs and set-top-boxes. The Nex Motion Entertainment Reference Design provides the optimal performance for motion entertainment today and into the future.

  • Camera and sensor specs that capture the optimal field of view for motion
  • SoC architectures for ideal throughput of motion graphics and interactivity
  • NPU performance benchmarks for on-device computer vision and machine learning
  • GPU performance benchmarks for motion gaming and graphics
  • Latency analysis for optimal glass-to-glass performance

We work to enable
existing devices too.

If you’re an OEM or operator with an existing camera-equipped device or TV, we can also evaluate what type of motion experiences are possible on your current hardware. We will evaluate performance such as:

  • Content compatibility
  • Motion tracking performance
  • Latency evaluation
Let’s get moving together.

Interested in building or enabling motion entertainment experiences? We collaborate closely with operators, TV manufacturers, brands and IP holders to bring motion entertainment to life.

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